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Do you know what’s one of my favourite bits of being a mother? Telling stories to my little boy! It’s always fun and we enjoy it so much. We also make up poems together and that’s always fun too. At one point, I had so many stories and songs that I thought it would be a good idea to put together a picture book. I searched online and found BookBildr.

What Is BookBildr?

BookBildr is an amazing platform that allows every mum (or child) to make picture books without hiring an illustrator and spending a lot of money on book design and publishing. The website has an editor tool that’s loaded with hundreds of illustrations, which you can use to make your own book. There are also shapes, frames, and of course fonts for you to choose from.

BookBildr offers you to either order printed copies of your book (as few or as many as you like), or download it as a PDF. It supports three shapes, portrait, landscape and square, and six sizes.

Making a Picture Book with BookBildr

I went ahead and made a short book about a van who wanted to travel the world. My little boys loves cars, so I thought it was a good idea.

So, I quickly created an account and then went to the “Design” page to select a size and a shape. I settled on small portrait. Then I clicked on the “Design your book now” button and the editor tool opened in a new browser tab.

Creating a book was very straightforward. First, I chose a background colour, then clicked on “Illustrations” to find a picture of a van that I liked. I found a cool-looking VW van and clicked on it to add it to the page. I then dragged its corner to resize it.

BookBildr tool

After that, I found some illustrations of different countries and used the “Layers” function to bring the van picture to the front and use the places as backgrounds.

BookBildr editor

I used the text tool to type my story and resized the text box by dragging it by the corner, just like I did with the illustrations.

When I was done, I saved the book design and then clicked on the “Order” button. The checkout was very straightforward. I ordered the book as a full-color paperback and paid for it with a debit card.

BookBildr checkout

I came back the next day to download the book as a PDF, though, because I decided to post it on Amazon.

I didn’t have to wait long for my paperback to arrive and it looked great!

So, if you’ve been wanting to write and illustrate your own book but never got the chance, BookBildr is the perfect tool. I LOVED it.

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3 years ago

Omg this is perfect bc I was just thinking of creating my own picture book! I never heard of bookBildr but it looks like the perfect thing to use for my book project. Thanks!

3 years ago

I definitely need to check this out! I am seeing this post at what is absolutely a perfect time for me to come across it. Thank you! 🙂

3 years ago

How fun! I recently found another company that lets you create your own board book. This would be great to do for kids too!


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