Take Care of Yourself While Launching Your Side Hustle

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Starting up a side hustle while working full time rewards you financially and provides you with a sense of purpose. However, it’s hard to put in more work hours without shifting self-care to the back burner. Here are tips for carving out some hours to take care of yourself, along with downtime activities that will recharge you.

Corral Your Communications

It takes more time than you realize to manage your communications. Work smarter, not harder, by getting a handle on how you stay in touch. Start by consolidating your email addresses. Rather than juggling separate logins for work, side hustle, and personal correspondence, feed all your mail into a single platform like Outlook so everything you’re working on is in one place.

Similarly, carry one phone for all your numbers. Manage your personal and business lines from your existing smartphone with a virtual provider so there’s no need for multiple devices. Streamlining your communications reduces a major time drain so you’ve got more hours in the day for self-care.

Stick to a Schedule

Studies show that many Americans are intent on taking better care of themselves, yet it may seem impossible to prioritize mental and physical health when your life is so busy. No matter how much you wish otherwise, there are only 24 hours in a day. When you’re juggling a day job and a side hustle, strategically managing your schedule is critical for ensuring you have time to take care of yourself.

Look at each hour on your schedule as part of a block for building a productive and fulfilling day. The size of the block dedicated to your regular job is likely non-negotiable, and launching a side gig requires carving out a substantial part of your day as well. Hours spent commuting, preparing meals, and sleeping also needs assigned time slots.

Put all of these blocks onto your calendar to get a clear picture of how much time you have available for yourself each day. Then block out a period for self-care in the same way you’d schedule any other activity.

Include “Me” Time

It’s a mistake to think that taking care of yourself must wait until your side hustle is up and running. Shortchanging critical personal needs will eventually drain you to the point that you won’t do well at either of your gigs.

In addition to proper shuteye, nutrition, and fitness, make time in your schedule for activities that recharge your mind and spirit. Whether it’s reading, going to concerts, or meeting friends for drinks, stepping away from your business will refresh and renew your focus when you get back to work.

Engaging in retail therapy is a great way to relax yet still feel productive. You’ll boost both your comfort and confidence by shopping for attire you can wear whether you’re curled up with a book, running after the kids, or holding a teleconference with potential clients. Loungewear like leggings, robes, and mini- or maxi-dresses help you look and feel your best, improving your overall well-being.

Although it’s counterintuitive, your ability to focus and accomplish more is enhanced when you make time to look after yourself. Working more efficiently by streamlining communications and setting a clear schedule frees up moments to practice the self-care you require to make your side hustle a success.

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