Slow Internet? Optimize Network Connection with NetOptimizer!

slow Internet

Have you ever opened a website only to have to wait, and wait, and wait…? Or tried to download a file that isn’t really that large but (you guessed it) had to wait way too long? I bet all that sounds familiar! I’ve experienced that too when I switched ISPs.

How My Internet Became Slow

A couple of months ago I decided to switch ISPs because I found a much better deal – a cheaper package with better speed and perks like a VPN and a system-enabled antivirus. It sounded great, so I made the switch. And then… Then my Internet got slow! It was so slow that I actually had to use my phone as a mobile hotspot for some tasks! Now, that’s not what I call cost-effective and certainly not a good deal.

It didn’t take me too long to get on the phone with the ISP. They did all the checks on their end, reset the network for me, but my connection was still slow on the computer.

Here’s How I Fixed Slow Internet Once and for All!

And then I had an idea – what if it wasn’t my connection but my computer? I asked my husband if he was having trouble with sluggish Internet and he said no. My eldest son, who does school online full-time with Accelerate Academy, didn’t have any problems either.

I went online and started looking for tips. Sure, there were lots of them but they involved editing the registry manually – something I’m not too comfortable with. Also, I needed quite a while to work out things like TCP/IP, network latency, etc. So I thought I’d look for software that would do it all for me, safely.

That’s how I found NetOptimizer.

NetOptimizer is a small piece of software that does all the work to fix slow Internet. It’s exceptionally easy to use because it analyzes your network connection settings and then offers to optimize them automatically. I discovered that all of my settings had “non-optimal values”, so I ran automatic optimization. I then rebooted my PC and – hooray! – my Internet was fast! Thank you, NetOptimizer!

NetOptimizer: My Impressions

I really enjoyed using NetOptimizer because:

  • it did the job fast
  • it looks great and is super-intuitive
NetOptimizer review

Another thing I liked was that NetOptimizer offered to clean my browser while we were at it – a much-welcomed action because I always forget to clear my browser cache (or put it off indefinitely)!

The main thing was that I didn’t have to learn about all these network throughputs and I/O whatever. But, if you’re more technically inclined, you can also use NetOptimizer to optimize and tweak individual settings

Should You Get NetOptimizer?

Definitely yes! If your Internet is acting up and is not up to speed, NetOptimizer will help. It proved to be a life-saver for me, my work, and my wallet because I finally stopped using my mobile phone’s hotspot!

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