Review: Clip in Hair Extensions to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous

I love short hairstyles. I really do because they’re practical and look great. But let me tell you something – every short hairdo girl secretly envies gorgeous long hair. While waiting for your hair to grow isn’t always an option, clip in real hair extensions are there to save the …

Design Your Own Labels for Free with Labeley

Do you still use Zazzle when you want to design labels for your hand-made or home-made products? Well, here’s an alternative for you. Labeley is a cool service that lets you design your own labels (and not simply buy someone else’s designs like on Zazzle) in literally five minutes. The best bit is that it’s free to use and you don’t even need to create an account. You only pay if you decide to print the labels you design.Continue reading“Design Your Own Labels for Free with Labeley”

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