My Favourite Blogs with Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes

family-friendly recipes

If you’re a mum, then you know how cooking becomes a challenge as your child (children) grow. Gone are the days of hungry toddlers that would eat whatever you offer! “I don’t want spinach!”, “Yuck! Bell peppers in my stew!”, “Too many tomatoes in here!”, “I want something tasty!” – all these sound familiar, right? The worst bit is that they’d eat unspeakably non-tasty and non-healthy foods, like plain noodles, but will refuse your best healthy recipes. What to do? Well, I usually turn to these blogs for ideas!

1. Something New for Dinner

The name of this blog perfectly matches its purpose. Run by a mother with 25 years of experience, Something New for Dinner has lots of wonderful recipes. They’re easy to prepare, healthy, and kid-friendly.

2. The Stone Soup

Never fear, there are no stones in this Australian blogger’s recipes! But they are dead easy to cook because all her recipes contain 6 ingredients or less. That’s perfect for a mum in a hurry. In addition to that, all the recipes on the blog are low carb, making them a very healthy choice.

3. Grow a Good Life

I love gardening and I’m very proud to say that we grow our own vegetables. This year has been a tomato mad year – I bet we yielded over 100 kilos from a tiny hothouse! Because of this tomato abundance, I headed over online to look for homemade long life tomato sauce recipes and found this blog. The recipe I tried was delicious and the blog is filled with other great recipes and advice, gardening advice included.

4. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

If you’re into clean living, you’ll definitely like Lexi’s recipes. Mind that they’re all gluten-free and dairy-free, though. I’m not particularly into paleo-style diet, but these recipes are tasty and easy to make. Plus they’re a healthy option, too.

Best healthy eating blogs

5. Clean Living with Kids

Although this is not a food blog, Sara has quite a few healthy recipes. They all have been tested for kid-friendliness by the blog owner. You’ll find breakfasts, instant pot recipes, and snacks. So, enjoy!

6. The Lean Green Bean

Healthy recipes from a licensed dietician who’s also a mum of three? Yes, please! All the recipes on Lindsay’s blog are super-healthy and 100% family-friendly. You and your children will love them.

7. Real Mom Nutrition

This is another superb food and nutrition blog run by a mum-dietitian. There, you’ll find healthy meal recipes, lunchbox ideas, and general nutrition advice that will help you feed your family without stressing over what to cook.

Hope you enjoy reading these blogs and find them useful! And if you have your favourite family-friendly food blog that’s not on the list, share it in your comments!

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3 years ago

Cool! Thanks for the breakdown and showcasing the different layers.

3 years ago

Awesome list! Food blogs are where I get the majority of my recipes from. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

I am always looking for new suggestions on blogs to follow, thanks for all the suggestions!

3 years ago

I am seriously in need of some new recipes for our meal rotation. I definitely have to check these blogs out!

3 years ago

thank you for good content in this article .

Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
3 years ago

These look like some awesome blogs to check out! Thanks for sharing this resource! We try to eat pretty clean and I’m always looking for new ideas and info.

Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing these blogs! We try to eat pretty clean and I’m always looking for new ideas and info!

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