Get My Art As Cool Metal Posters with a 25% Discount

buy displates with a discount

Everybody wants their home to look beautiful and I hope you do too. The right artworks on walls makeĀ even an ordinary house look well-designed and trendy. Especially if those artworks look fresh and interesting.

If you can’t afford expensive original art, Displate offers an attractive solution. A displate is an artwork printed on metal with a magnetic mounting system that lets you move the artworks around. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

And now comes a bit of self promotion. I have 67 displates featured on Displate and I just got an email from the site saying that I can offer 25% off my displates to anyone with a coupon code. So, if you’re looking for abstract art, quote posters or expressionist art, head over to my gallery, choose the works you like and use this code:


Offer lasts until September 29.

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