Design Your Own Labels for Free with Labeley

Do you still use Zazzle when you want to design labels for your hand-made or home-made products? Well, here’s an alternative for you. Labeley is a cool service that lets you design your own labels (and not simply buy someone else’s designs like on Zazzle) in literally five minutes. The best bit is that it’s free to use and you don’t even need to create an account. You only pay if you decide to print the labels you design.

The different between services like Zazzle and Labeley is that Labeley opens up a fully-featured editor with lots of fonts, illustrations and other graphics you can use to design your labels. On Zazzle you really have to upload your own images or buy someone’s design. But it can take ages to find a design you like. Besides, your label won’t be unique anymore (and you do want a unique label for your product, don’t you?). So, with Labeley you can spend your time a lot more productively and have fun designing your own stuff.

Anyway, just watch the video I made a while ago to see how it works. And if you know of any similar services, let us know in your comments!


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