Balanced Essentials for Speech Delay: Does It Really Work?

speech delay

“Your child has speech delay” – I hated it when yet another doctor said that about my son. OK, I’m not deaf or stupid, so I knew that he wasn’t speaking as well as I wanted him to (he’s 3 and 2 months) but I didn’t want it to be a diagnosis. The doctors told me that he should be speaking in complete sentences of at least five words (most of his sentences are like three words). So, yeah, not pleasant.

At first, I blamed myself for not spending enough time with him, not teaching him well, not doing speech exercises and so on. Then, I realized that I wasn’t the problem. So I blamed recent stress, watching Postman Pat on the telly, and a hundred other things. But that didn’t improve Simon’s speech either, neither did the pills he got prescribed. And I must admit it, I was wary of the pills, having read about all the negative side effects. Luckily, the pills did no harm (and no good). So, I went to look online for exercises to help my son start talking.

How I Discovered Balanced Essentials

I found lots of great ideas that we tried and loved and then I stumbled upon a post where a mother wrote that a vitamin called Balanced Essentials helped her speech delayed son. Now, that was interesting.

Being a skeptic, I googled some more and didn’t find any other information about the vitamin, so I reckoned that must have been an affiliate marketing post. You know, google about essential oils for speech delay and you’ll see tons of posts promoting this or that brand of essential oils, all affiliate links of course. So I wouldn’t trust those if I were you. But the idea of giving him proper vitamins that didn’t have any harmful additives and were in liquid form stuck. I mean, it made sense because if the child wasn’t getting the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other stuff, it’s highly likely that something could suffer. Speech in our case. So, I ordered a bottle from because they had the delivery method that suited me. I’m working in Russia at the moment and Amazon doesn’t REALLY ship there. I mean, they do, but it’s way too expensive and they don’t ship everything. Oh, and you can find the vitamins in Walmart, too.

Balanced Essentials Really Helps to Fight Speech Delay

After about a week and a half of giving half an ounce of Balanced Essentials daily to Simon, I noticed an improvement in his speech. He began trying to speak in sentences, although they are hard to understand because he often puts “tiga-diga-diga” between words when he’s thinking what to say next. But hey, now I’m getting things like: “In the mowning, tiga-diga, I’ll wake up. Tiga-diga-tiga I’ll watch ‘Cars'”. So there, he started communicating verbally. The lady from the blog post that I read mentioned that she was giving an ounce to her child but I reckoned that was too much because that was a grown-up doze. So half an ounce for us.

OK, you might say that the vitamin didn’t have anything to do with Simon’s speech improvement because he’s growing, it’s his time to start speaking, and so on. Maybe you’re right, but I like to think that Balanced Essentials are helping. I think they are.

As you can see, there are no affiliate links in this post, so I didn’t write it to earn money. I wrote it to share my experience with you and recommend Balanced Essentials for general health improvement, including speech delay.

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Hi exactly how old was your child? My daughter will be 18 month old soon and she doesn’t say any meaningful words but the doctor say she should say 20 words by now, very frustrating. I have been playing with her, reading books to her, she seems to enjoy but doesnt try to imitate my words. May be the balanced essential can give a push to her speech development. I really want to try this but how much should Be safe for her? 1/2 tspn or less than that ? Thank you

Jess Raubenstrauch
Jess Raubenstrauch

Hello! My son is 2.5 with suspected apraxia. I have been researching vitamins to give him and balanced essentials is a popular one. How much did you give your daughter starting out?