5 Free Time Tracking Apps for Mac to Help You Increase Productivity

Are you having problems managing your time when working on your Mac? With all the social media accounts, news sites and YouTube it’s so hard to stay on top of things and not get distracted! A good time tracking app will help you stay focused on your tasks, save lots of time (proven) and never again wonder what the heck did you do all day.

The problem is that there aren’t too many free Mac apps that let you track time and tasks. There are some great ones, like Harvest and Timing, which offers automatic tracking, but they all cost money if you want to track unlimited clients and projects. So, if you’re not prepared to pay for a time tracking app just yet, here are some options.


TopTracker from TopTal is the best time tracking app I’ve tried so far. Not only does it let you track time and add notes, but it also takes screenshots and posts them online for further reference. That feature is great if you have clients that want to see proof of your work. There’s also an option to download PDF reports, which I found very handy.


Hubstaff is a really good time tracking app with lots of options including time tracking, screenshots that act as proof of work and activity levels. There’s a free plan that’s limited to just one user and has limited functionality. Then again, you wouldn’t need to take screenshots if you’re working as a freelancer – let your clients pay for that!

Caato Time Tracker

Caato Time Tracker is a pretty basic app, but it has everything you need to manage your time on a Mac and track time spent on different tasks. This app is completely free and you can download it from Mac App Store. I use it to track time spent on projects and it really helps me work more effectively. You know, that feeling of the clock ticking get one more productive. I think there’s a premium version of Caato Time Tracker too with some additional features, but to be honest, I never even bothered checking – the free version is good enough for me.

Pomodoro One

Pomodoro One is a cool little app that introduces an element of gameplay to time tracking. You track time with pomodoros (tomatoes). By default, one pomodoro equals 25 minutes and then you get 5 minutes of rest. You can adjust the time each pomodoro lasts, set a goal and work towards it.


Perhaps my favourite time tracking app, Toggl has a Basic plan that’s free if your team has fewer than five members. It has all the features you may possibly need, such as Autotracker, idle status detection, a timeline and extensive reporting. And Toggl’s paid plans are great for larger teams. You can compare plans and sign up to the free one here.

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